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Artabria is a tool that allows the release of Moodle courses to any support or device in a web-based format. Thanks to Artabria a Moodle course can be saved on a Pendrive/CD/DVD and given to students as complementary support so they may access contents and assignments of the course.


You may store the course in different formats: ZIP, ISO, RAR and allow its download via web without the course loosing functionality, Artabria performs a conversion of resources and activities of the Moodle course to the new static format. It includes navigation mechanisms much easier to use tan the actual Moodle environment itself, in addition to performing an automatic code debugging (X) HTML and CSS, and a complete series of adaptations and access requirements which improve the resulting contents allowing it to be even more accessible and easier to use by the students.


On the other hand the new web format expands the course´s possibilities of distribution and publication through different layout tools which allow you to produce a printed version or even register it as an electronic publication with the assignment of a legal deposit, ISBN or ISSN.



Provide your students with a CD/DVD of the course or let them download it!




How does it work?

How often do we encounter problems with courses due to server crashes, connection problems or limited bandwidth? The solution is in the publication of the course by performing a conversion of its contents to a static web format, valid for an offline operation and therefore its download and printing. The published course can be packaged in different formats: image on CD/DVD, compressed file ZIP/RAR/other formats, etc… facilitating portability. All previous problems will come to an end as soon as you present the complete course to your students in any of the available supports.


Artabria Pulikator diagram


  • Web. (X)HTML and CSS
  • Packaged as a compressed file: ZIP, RAR, 7-zip, TAR, GZ etc.
  • Image in CD/DVD. ISO, IMG, BIN, etc.
  • Printed. PDF Output and other printing formats.



Example of generated course


  • Header. Course name and logo or letterhead.
  • Body. Scheme of modules with links to the contents, resources and activities.
  • Footer. Indicators of assay results validation code for (X)HTML, CSS and Accessibility.


Principal resources and activities

Artabria directly exploits all the static contents of the course, but also allows you to specify what dynamic elements of the course will be published, through questionnaires and configuration files.

  • Tags, sections and descriptions of the Moodle course itself.
  • Documents in HTML pages.
  • Course files repository in any media or office suite format.
  • External links.
  • Other static contents.


Besides the following configurable elements:


Static queries.





HotPotatoes activities.

Forums and Chats in offline mode.

Scorm Objects.


Scorms and videos available for Pendrive/CD/DVD





Advanced options



Both global menus and specific navigation options can be tailored to suit the needs of the users according to prior requirements, as well as styles, headers and other options considered necessary.




The layout used by Artabria Publikator is accessible at an AAA level, therefore the level of accessibility to the advertised course will be marked by the highest level reached by the contents.


Another advantage of this tool is that it performs transformations on the course code to comply with the standards for HTML and CSS validation, as well as a set of adaptations to improve accessibility of the published content.


All these functionalities seek to bring the contents of a moodle course to the maximum possible number of students, considering that this is also a legal requirement.


Courses that are more usable and accessible!




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